venerdì 8 maggio 2009

i can decide for my life by myself

that' s why i want to learn everything
that's why i don't want to know everything
i don't know anything
'cause if you don't know anything
everything can happen
everything can change
i can imagine all my life to travel
or maybe i can't imagine it
but it doesn't really matter.

i'm not in a rush to go away
i have all the time of my life "just" to move myself wherever i want
wherever i need

maybe i need "just" too see new things
maybe if i know that i can change
i know that everything can change
round me
and in my spirit

my brain is over
my heart is everywhere
my heart is nowhere

i'm in the middle of nowhere
with a lot of people around me

they are moving in a circle
they are dancing for my life

how was your day?
you mean our day
it's not my,you had a slice aswell,i had a slice aswell
i don't know,how was your day?
mine too...

"i'm not lucky,my friend,
i can decide by myself for my life
this is one of the amazing things that i can do"

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Anonimo ha detto...

Hola cicha, chissà quando condivideremo ancora un continente ?

Sai che ogni tanto mi viene voglia di vederti ?

un bacione ed un abbraccio